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How a former enemy became a crucial U.S. ally in balancing China’s rise

The Vietnamese live in fear that pressure from Congress, the media, and various nongovernmental organizations may one day cause the White House to sell them out the way it has sold out autocratic Asian countries: Uzbekistan and Nepal, for example. “The highest value should be on national solidarity and independence,” Le Chi Dzung, a Foreign Ministry deputy director-general, tells me, trying to explain his country’s political philosophy. “It is the nation, not the individual, that makes you free.”

Excellent article on a dynamic and delicate political landscape.

(Even though I very much dislike the title)

Sometimes I wonder why I insists on posting on serious topics that no one want to read here, but I guess there’s no excuse to not risk it.

This article lays clear many aspects that current medias all too easily fail to touch, and those details make up for the lacks (mainly the opinions of the majority of Vietnamese, whose knowledge of the situation is not complete but whose increment in understanding and contribution would be extremely important for a viable solution). As the article points out, politically the Vietnamese have very low sensitivity about the Vietnam/ American war, but PEACE is not to be taken for granted, as it does not just mean no bloodshed, but is essentially everything that the future need. The future need a strong, sustainable peace, not an allowance to grow within limits. 

I’ve had the luck to not be entirely ignorant and have some understanding of some common views from young VNese/ American/ Chinese people who pay attention to this matter (I have yet to have a Philippino friend to discuss it). They bring me great hopes, and at the same time sadness that we should be in this abyss. 

(Also, many thanks to the person who posted the link on tumblr. I wanted to reblog your post but could didn’t find it when I came back to the tracked tags)

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