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Sting in Moscow - 'Russians' (LIVE) 

I wanted to post this particular version because it has such a warm echo compared to other versions and a slightly surreal venue that is beautiful in a way Sting doesn’t usually employ. It gives the performance a feeling of solemn tenderness that reminds me strongly of the official video clip as well as the story behind the song: how Sting, during the Cold War era, had the opportunity to watch Soviet cartoons and was struck by the love and care put into them. 

I was born around the time the Soviet Union came down, and thus my purest, most direct impression of the country in my youth was from the famous cartoon series ‘Nu, Pogo di’. The feelings that show gave me became an affinity that stays well through the years, and I know it’s the same for many of my friends. Now that many of us have gone study abroad in different parts of the world, especially in the U.S., at times it confuses us to encounter the Soviet/Russia/Communist vs. Zion mentality that are still very strong in the mass media of both sides. Although we know they subject severely to political control, those tones and the responses readers made to them still sadden us.  How far has the world come from twenty years ago and how are we plunging ourselves into the future?


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